Our Company

Proudly Canadian

Asept-Air is a Montreal based manufacturer of innovative air purification and dehumidification products, systems and accessories for the consumer retail, light industrial, equipment rental, HVAC installer, and disaster recovery/remediation markets.

Asept-Air’s products fit into 3 distinct categories – consumer retail, HVAC installer, and light industrial/disaster recovery/remediation.  Each group is represented by its own brand or brands as the case may be – Life Cell, HealthBreath, RamJet and Aridator respectively.

Asept-Air is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and marketing products which combine proven technologies and represent a solid balance between quality and value today, while striving to develop new and innovative solutions for tomorrow.

Asept-Air has introduced a number of proprietary innovations including:

Purity-Plus– granular media mixes

Asept-Air’s exclusive granular medias for removing VOC’s, toxic gases and odors.  Asept-Air uses only top quality raw materials and proprietary processes to produce these highly effective and very versatile medias. Asept-Air has even developed one to adsorb carbon monoxide!

Whispair– sound reducing chambers

Another Asept-Air innovation which routes filtered air through a series of specially designed chambers to reduce air speed and smooth out turbulence before returning it to the room.  This process dramatically reduces the sound levels as the purified air exits the unit.

V-Tech– media cartridge

Engineered cartridge design channels and distributes the air-flow evenly and thoroughly over the media bed to optimize the removal of volatile organic compounds, toxic fumes and odors.  More traditional cylindrical or square cartridges do not distribute the air flow evenly across their media beds, resulting in the same area and media being used over and over, significantly reducing effectiveness and leaving a majority of the actual media being unused and therefore unnecessary.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Asept-Air offers an industry leading Lifetime Limited Warranty on its Life Cell and Health Breath brands, which covers the units for as long as the original purchaser owns them.