Coronavirus Information

Air Purifiers and Coronavirus-FACTS and MYTHS:

FACT The best defence against the Coronavirus in your home is to use a good air purifier with 99.97% TRUE HEPA filters. Our LIFE CELL air purifiers use only 99.97% TRUE HEPA filters designed and manufactured to the highest Korean standards for air filtration
FACT The bigger the HEPA filter the better. A bigger filter provides a larger surface area to capture germ, bacteria and virus cells. Our LIFE CELL air purifiers use the biggest HEPA filters of any portable residential air purifier in their class.
FACT An air purifier’s Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is a measure of how effective an purifier actually is and our LIFE CELL air purifiers offer some of the highest CADR numbers in the industry.
FACT Many larger air purifiers have filters inside which are actually much smaller than those used in our LIFE CELL models.
FACT Placing your air purifier centrally during the day and moving it to your bedroom at night will be most effective at removing airborne germs, bacteria and viruses. Run your purifier all the time, on the maximum speed setting that does not disturb you or disrupt your sleep.
MYTH Air purifiers with Germicidal UV lamps are more effective at controlling the Coronavirus – in reality, the size and type of UV lamps used in portable residential air purifiers are neither strong enough, nor do they provide adequate dwell time (actual time particle is exposed to UV lamp) to be of any consequence to the Coronavirus.
MYTH Spraying filters with antibacterial sprays, lotions or potions will help to kill the Coronavirus – while this is true, and is in fact recommended before removing and disposing of used filters, doing this while the filter is still in service could actually damage the filter material and reduce its efficiency to near zero.

Using an air purifier in your home is no guarantee that you will not contract the Coronavirus. There are many other factors involved in your particular situation. Staying indoors and Limiting exposure to others is recommended.