The LIFE CELL 2550 with Purity Plus ‘mix-n-match’ technology is a high performance, 4 Speed, 5-stage, no-nonsense air purifier in a compact, sleek and stylish design. Using only quality filters and filtering medias, the LIFE CELL 2550 produces no ozone and cleans the air so well that you will notice a difference in your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), almost immediately. The LIFE CELL 2550 is Energy Star certified and can economically clean open indoor spaces of up to 2,500ft2 in an hour.

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Perfect for use in Bedrooms, playrooms, home offices, offices, waiting rooms, home gyms, daycares, classrooms, examination rooms, massage rooms, dentist‘s offices, veterinary clinics, locker rooms, equipment storage lockers and anywhere else odors or germs are a problem, or indoor air quality is important.